Friday, 31 October 2008

New Wave Of Music #24

October has been a really busy month for discovering great new music for Music Liberation, both in terms of bands and artists we've covered before, as well as brand spanking new ones. Here's a little run down on the best of the bunch... [Please note this post has been removed once so i've taken down all the mp3 links in this repost]

First up is UK Hip Hop artist, Ty , who comes from London. Having not heard of him before it turns out he's been around for a while, since 2001 actually. That's the beauty of discovering music, it can sound so fresh and current and turn out to come from any time period of music and still be as exciting. "The Scheme Of Things" is taken from a compilation that celebrates 25 years of the label Apple And Snakes. It's a dreamy attack on the state of the UK as Ty see's it. It's powerful and work's really well combining mellow music with direct vocals.

I wrote about Middle Class Rut (Or MC Rut as some people refer to them) earlier on this month, but such is the impression this twosome have made on me I felt the need to mention them again. Particuarly the track "Busy Bein' Born" which is set to be released as a limited edition 7" on November 17th through Kids/Bright Antenna . The band are Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham who play a healthy blend of grungey Rock and really make a huge noise for just the two of them. Apparently they are really impressive live too, and have a few dates in the UK next month so make sure you try and catch them. Head to the band's myspace to check out the awesome "Busy Bein' Born ".

Grunge may indeed be on for a comeback, as the next band I want to draw your attention to also seem heavily influenced by that period. The band come from the UK and are called Dinosaur Pile-Up. With a big crunchy head nodding riff, repetitive lyrics, and an abundance of energy, the band have been tearing a hole in the airwaves recently with the excellent "My Rock N Roll". Keep your eyes on these guys because i've got a feeling their going to be important.

For you Electronic lovers i've got a couple of wicked tunes for you. First up is a remix of "When We Were Young" by Sneaky Sound System, which has been given the treatment by the excellent G.L.O.V.E.S. It's a trippy bass heavy track that gets back to the routes of Disco, and certainly get you moving more and more every time I hear it.

The we have another awesome remix, this time from Drum and Bass outfit the Brookes Brothers who have worked their magic on Chemical Brothers classic "Star Guitar", to give the track a fresh sound whilst maintaining the integrity of the original.

Finally a couple of chillout tracks for you, with the first coming from Australian duo Empire Of The Sun. Their track "Walking On A Dream" has pretty much dominated my on-board brain music player for the last month. Everything in the song just seems to happen exactly how you'd want it to, every vocal or drum beat is just in the right place at the right time. It's category would be Pop or Disco, and i'm sure once it's released over the UK it's going to be huge. The band released their debut album earlier this month in their native country with the same title.

Their first two albums were played to death during my university days, so i've always kept an eye and a ear on The Streets. Their back with their fourth album "Everything Is Borrowed", and its pretty much as you'd expect with Mike Skinner's vocal words over grand sounding beats. It's more music that will get stuck in your head and you'll find yourself randomly singing during the day.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


To celebrate the fact that on the 11th of December (the day before my birthday) i'll be seeing Foals at the Oxford Academy, I thought i'd share a new track from the band that i've recently discovered as well as a couple of cover songs between themselves and Holy Fuck.

Foals make really interesting music, that you can easily get lost listening to. It's repetitive, experimental, complicated, full of energy, and seeing them live is hopefully going to be an absolutely awesome experience which I am really looking forward to!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Marvin - Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape

Friend of Music Liberation, UK Hip Hop artist, Marvin, has recently released another wicked mixtape titled "Somebody's Watching Me" along with his cohort DJ Jack Nimble. These beats are really fresh, having only previously been performed live with Westwood and DJ Yoda, and yet again demonstrate the clear talent Marvin has.

Here's what he's got to say about it:

"Here it is. 4 months after My last tape, 3 months after my debut album. I give you, Mixtape of the year 2008. I'm so proud of this thing right here. It actually ended up taking about a month longer than intended. Bang this in your whips, your headphones, your house parties, your evictions! This is Recession music right here. This is industrial, the 80s are back, I don't give a fuck, dole queue, dark nights, cold days music right here. Send the link to your friends, post it on your forums, post it on your blogs, put the songs on BitTorrent, this is not for profit, this is not for a label, this is not for the radio, this is not for the critics, this is for the people who want it, the people who need it. This is for you and yours."

Download: Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble - Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape

MP3: Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble - Line For The Toilet [Music Liberation recommended track*]

Myspace / Marvin's Blog

Friday, 24 October 2008

Summer Round-Up Part 2

Here's the 2nd part of my round-up to the best music I was sent over the Summer.

Young Lords

From the dirty suburbs of New York come Young Lords, who may well be your new favourite Rock band. With one foot stuck in the Rock and Roll hayday of the 60's and 70's, and another with the contemporary and challenging scene of today, Young Lords are already whipping up a frenzy with their melodic riff laden Rock and Roll. Earlier this month they released their debut album, "Rodeo Songs", which is a digital only release, and this effort has already attracted the band many admirers. Think of the swagger of a young Oasis, with the fun filled tempo of Primal Scream, all mixed up with the melody of Band Of Horses.


Esteban come from the UK, but formed back in 2002 when the band members met during their individual backpacking trips, which unfortunatley also happened at the same time as the Bali terrorist attacks. Although far from ideal circumstances to meet your bandmates, the ordeal seems to have made the band pretty close, and this certainly comes out in their music. The band recently released their debut EP "Santiago", and it's a well produced mature sounding record which should gain them many fans. For me there's a musical link to Foals, with the intricate guitars and off kilter drums, but also their worldly sound can be related to bands such as Jamiroquai and Gogol Bordello.


Another band from New York, Elika are a two piece who describe themselves as "blissed-out ambience with head-nodding beats that range from Downtempo to Trance to IDM". This year their debut album "Trying Got Us Nowhere" came out through Fiercely Independant Records. There's alot going on with this band and their music, each time you listen to their album it provokes a different reaction from being totally chilled out to totally confused. The vocals come from Evagelia Maravelias, who has a soft voice which leaves you floating over the top of the fuzzy guitars and crisp drum programming. This is certainly an album that requires time to appreiciate exactly what this band have created.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Summer Round-Up Part 1

During the Summer months I was sent various bits of music, some good, some bad. The time has now come to share the very best of the bunch with you. Check out the songs and the band's websites to find out more information. Part 2 will follow in a day or two.

The Inspector Cluzo

The Inspector Cluzo are a two-piece from France, with Laurent Lacrouts on Guitar and lead vocals, and Mathieu Jourdain on Drums and backing vocals. In September they released their debut self titled LP through French label Ter A Terre, and it's awesome! They blend various styles of music, particuarly influenced by Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. For a two-piece they make a right old racket, with some help from their friends, and i'm sure with Lacrouts wicked guitar riffs they'll be sure to rock out anywhere they play.


Leerone is a singer songwriter from Los Angeles, who has recently released her debut album "Imaginary Biographies" through her own label, Fussy Music. Anyone who liked PJ Harvey's last album "White Chalk" will also certainly like Leerone, who shares that soft yet layered voice which carries you on a journey throughout the album. What drives the album for me is her brilliant Piano playing, and whilst i'm no expert on the Piano, it certainly seems to give the album depth and a layer of maturity that takes it above her singer songwriting piers.

Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves come from London, and recently sent me both a cd of their music, as well as a cassette (Yes, shock horror they are still in use!). Actually the nature of the cassette works really well for Fig Leaves, as you can enjoy their dark, twisted, rhythm infused atmospheric noise as it builds and develops, without flipping between tracks. This is challenging music, breaking new boundaries, putting things in places they shouldn't go, and I really like it.

Friday, 17 October 2008

New Layout Poll - The Results

Before I get into the results of the "New Layout" poll, I just wanted to ask a question, just how good is the debut album from Late Of The Pier?? I got it when it was released and gave it a spin tonight after a few weeks rest, and really it's just SO good. I'd love anyone to try and tell me thats its not one of the best albums of 2008. Gone on, just try!

Right, the poll!

Well I recently changed the image and layout of Music Liberation and wanted to know you, the readers opinion. Well it seems like I made a good decision in changing things up, with 31% of you thinking the changes were "wicked", another 31% thought it was "better", 21% thought it was awful though. 10% "didn't care" (but care enough to vote on the poll...), and 5% thought it was "rubbish".

One poll ends, another one begins! This time i'd like to know what particular genre of music you're really into right now. Whichever genre comes out on top i'll do a special post on that genre, with some exclusive mp3's bound to be thrown in somewhere...(The poll is located in the right hand corner).

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Moda Music: They Own You

Meant to big this up ages ago!

One of the most up and coming UK electronic labels, Moda Music, have recently released their second single, "On The Grind" from Jaymo (Recently added to the roster of the In New DJ's we trust area of Radio 1).

The single has already been hogging the top place on the Juno charts as well as crushing skulls during the monthly Moda gigs.

Buy "On The Grind" here or listen over at the Moda Music Myspace.

Moda are also once again taking over Lincoln University's Engine Shed, this time giving you a freaking good time for Halloween. Headline comes from a DJ set from Klaxons, with support from Fake Blood and Radio 1 new boys Jaymo and Andy George. More details here.

Finally check out this awesome minimix from Jaymo, which features lots of wicked cuts from Moda Music beats, including Music Liberation electronic guru Craig Duranti.

1. Schinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Jaymo's Beware of the Gator Mix) (DataRecords)
2. Jaymo - On The Grind (Original) (Moda Music)
3. Jaymo - On The Grind (Jak Z Remix) (Moda Music)
4. Afrojack - Drop Down (Jaymo Remix) (Data)
5. Noisia - Gutter Pump (Jaymo Remix) (Skint Records)
6. Filth & Splendour - Tomorrow's World (Jaymo's Midnight Murder Mix)(Born To Dance)
7. Lord Skywave - Something (Andy George Refix) (This Is Music)
8. Moda Allstars - Moda Owns You (Torso X Remix) (Moda Music)
9. Craig Duranti Vs Benni Cassette - What You Know (Moda Music)
10. Torso X - Feels So Good (Moda Music)

Monday, 13 October 2008

New Wave Of Music #23

Good evening fine people, here's a tasty selection of wicked tunes for you to consume if you're hungry. Just a little point, you may have noticed some posts have been going missing lately (not just this blog, others blogspot blogs too). Not sure why which is pretty frustrating, but i'm trying to recover as many of the posts as I can so please bare with me. 15/10/08 - EDIT - ALL MP3's HAVE BEEN REMOVED BY REQUEST

The Laughing Light Of Plenty - The Rose
This song is so awesome! It's pure disco genius from Thomas Bullock (Map of Africa, Rub N Tug, ex-A.R.E. Weapons) and Eddie Ruscha who make up The Laughing Light Of Plenty. It's got such a great groove and reminds me very much of the classic disco tunes from the 80's. Bust that move! More!

Coldplay - Lost!
Coldplay are one of my guilty pleasure bands i'm afraid, especially tracks like this epic. I know I won't get much credit from you journalistic types, but they just seem to grab me and get into my head. More!

The Killers - Human
Here's another band that could be considered a guilty pleasure. This track grows on me more every time I listen to it, The Killers are particuarly great at writing songs like that. Yes it's nothing ground-breaking, but sometimes who cares! More!

Klaxons - Golden Skans (SebastiAn remix)
Throughout the past few months i've picked up on French(?) producer SebastiAn for his unique approach to remixing songs. Basically to rip them up and destroy them! This is quite a spacey, trippy take on those Klaxon boys. More!

Mongrel - The Menace
Another supergroup, another flop? Well not on the basis of this song. Mongrel features members of the Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles, Reverend And The Makers, and the hugely talented rapper Lowkey. Album is done, but already cancelled shows...mmm. More!

Middle Class Rut - All Walks Of Life
Don't know too much about these Californian rockers, apart from knowing that they make me want to nod my head and tap my foot! They sound quite grungey but also quite contemporary, certainly looking to find out more about them. More!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Featured Artist: O' Lovely Lie

The debut album from Nottingham's O' Lovely Lie jumped straight to the top of the "listening" pile when i managed to get my ears on it. The album titled "No In, No Out, No Echo" was recorded at Random Recording Studios in Nottingham, and has recently been self released by the band themselves. There are five members; Gemma Upton (Vocals/Guitars), Richard Upton (Vocals/Guitars), Anna Robinson (Keyboards/Organ), Ruth Cottam (Bass), and Ben Hallam (Drums).

Opening track "Cinderella" tells you all you need to know about O' Lovely Lie. What first hits you is the intensity of this band, Gemma Upton sings and commands her way through the track, backed up by some thumping bass and deathly guitar playing, underpinned by some powerful drumming and simple yet effective keyboards.

Next up is "Fashionista" where we are introduced to the musings of Richard Upton, a really surprising but interesting switch up in vocals, which actually works really well and just adds another layer to this band. There's also the tribal sounds of Ben Hallam's drumming, who for me takes this band from being good, to being excellent. You could spend an entire listening session just picking out his drums, such is the diversity and complex nature of this sticksman.

Songs such as "This House Radiates" and "I Have No Ghosts" may use repetition, but you still feel like your being taken on some dirty pop journey with different sounds appearing each time you listen. One of my favourite tracks on album is "Turning Blue (I Think Of You)", which is a hugely melodic and atmospheric song which just sounds so powerful and grabs hold of you, yet through the guitars and drums it remains dark and aggressive. It's a song i'd love to see them play live.

This is quite simply a brilliant debut album that just gets better every time you give it a spin. There's so much depth and diversity that you sometimes get lost with all the ideas the band have, yet somehow you make the connection and manage to stay on board for the ride. It is an album that I fully recommend you check out!

O' Lovely Lie Offical Site / Myspace

Friday, 3 October 2008

Justice - Planisphere

So i'm well behind with this but I don't care because it's awesome. A few months ago French duo Justice were commissioned by Dior Homme to produce a mix for their Spring/Summer fashion show. The whole mix titled "Planisphere" lasts around 15 mins, and suffice to say the whole thing wasn't played out during the show. However Justice have now released the whole thing on their myspace and it's rather brilliant. The whole thing focuses upon the same chord types, with several effects splattered over it. There's even a guitar solo during the final stages. I just love the music Justice make, for want of a better phrase their music sounds so "loud" and encompassing.

Here's the mix split up into it's four different parts.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Featured Artist: Mystery Of Two

To think I went the whole of last year without picking up on Mystery Of Two. It just makes you wonder what other great music you miss out on such is the vastness of the internet.

Anyway, Mystery Of Two are a three piece from Cleveland, Ohio who put out their debut album "Arrows Are All You Know" last year through Exit Stencil Recordings. However it's their new 7" which has caught my attention and led me to dive into their back catalogue.

"Desolate" is my favourite track from their debut, with a scuzzy and jangly guitar, underpinned by a fast paced drum beat, coarse vocals, and lead breaks. It's full on dirty Rock and Roll. Brilliant.

The new 7" seems to pick up where their debut left off, with the two tracks "Gravity" and "Strange Town" and it's the latter that I'm most enjoying so far. The band seem to have a great talent for experimenting within their songs, one moment attacking you with the angular guitars and off kilter drums, the next softening you up with quiet melodies and soothing guitar licks. This diversity makes listening to their material a real pleasure as there's so much to absorb.

Check out the tracks below as well as Mystery Of Two's Myspace.

MP3: Mystery Of Two - Desolate
MP3: Mystery Of Two - Strange Town