BBC Radio 1: In New DJ's We Trust - Jaymo and Andy George

Jaymo and Andy George, two of the main players behind the ever growing domination that is Moda and Moda Music, have been given a world stage to demonstrate their DJ skills as they now have their own show on BBC Radio 1.

Here's a bit from the beebs blurb on them -

"In April, Jaymo & Andy became two of the youngest people to ever record a live Essential Mix for Radio 1 - quickly catching the attention of the stations bosses. Fast forward four months and the duo have their very own show on Radio 1, and prepare to take their sound global! Crafted with the sole intention of fronting the world’s coolest music, the show promises to be as fun and unpredictable as their rumbustious DJ sets! With countless gigs at the worlds coolest clubs and an ever-growing discography of heavy-duty club tracks, it’s hard to predict where these boys will be in another 2 years!"

Their latest show aired last week, and you can hear it in full until thursday night on the listen again player HERE.

I suggest you check them out!


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