Exclusive : New music from Trash Yourself

Here at Music Liberation we have been following the progress of John Bourke and Heidi Cannon aka Trash Yourself for the last 12 months, since discovering their awesome remix of Blur "Song 2". Now we can exclusively share with you their brand new track "Forget It".

If you like your electronic music to be a little bit dark, royally mashed up, and totally insane, but maintaining that danceabilty factor, then your going to love Trash Yourself and their new track. What really sets this duo apart from their electro piers is that their tracks are so varied and experimental. They don't stick to a set formula and literally anything can happen during the duration of their songs. This is dangerous music where listeners are never given a chance to relax as they don't know what to expect next from Trash Yourself. And neither do we!


  1. this is awesome. they need to be a bit quicker at making songs though!

  2. Yeah it's wicked isn't it?!

    I know what you mean about their productivity, i've been waiting for an album for almost a year!

    But whenever they do stuff you can assured its wicked like this beauty.


  3. Hey Sid, it's a pleasure, I am going to put a link on my page of Blogs to watch anyway:)

  4. I like this song .. makes me feel bad


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