New Wave Of Music #25

So Music Liberation has yet another new banner, I just wasn't happy with the last one. And I'm not totally convinced with this new one either, but it can stay put for now. What do you think? Leave me a comment below for your design analysis.

Anyways on with today's post with our usual selection of brand new music discovered over the last few days.

Shiema are a fresh young grungey rock band from London, who are just about to release their debut E.P "Make Them Swing Till It Hurts" digitally on December 1st. They have also produced a cool video for the single "Second Time Under Fire" which you can see here. As far as the single is concerned the band's sound is heavy, with some punishing riffs, but they are broken up with melodic singing. The main focus point for Shiema is their energy and desire to well and truly rock out.

We talked about Plugs a while ago when their first single "That Number" dropped earlier this year. Well now they are back with an E.P and single titled "Imaginary Friend" which comes out on November 24th. It's not groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination, but it's good quality chilled out electro which has a rather filthy bassline, and with a bit of time is really rather catchy. It's a step up from their previous single and certainly show's the band have promise.

If you like your house music to have a big, fat, dirty bassline then you're going to like one of the newest producers/DJ's on the scene, the UK's very own, Kid Cola. He's reworked the new track from Secret Machines "Atomic Heels", effortlessly blending the original melodic indie tune into a dark sounding beast of a house track that is sure to get you raving on the dance floor. Keep an eye on Kid Cola because from the sound of it big things will be ahead of him for sure.

Changing the musical genre entirely we have Nate Frey, a self-confessed indie folker rocker from Washington DC. The beauty of Frey is his ability to gave you a few minutes to chill out through the sole power of his guitar and alluring voice. It's quite staggering discovering that he is only 23 years old considering the strength and ability of his voice. Whether he can break through into what is an already saturated market is unknown, but he certainly deserves a shot.


  1. Hey guys, I noticed a few weeks ago, you had a page removed because you posted tracks that were not okay by the label. I got hit too when I wrote a glowing review of GNR. Didn't even post any Chinese Demcracy tracks either.

    I wrote a letter about this...I'm hoping peopel will read it and pass it on.

  2. blog looks good sid, nice colour scheme and banner. maybe a little too cluttered though.

  3. I like the new banner, man - personally, I think it beats the old one by a big margin. There's still time for surprises in the poll yet, I think... haha XD

    More great recommendations - nice work!

    - M., Stereokill


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