New Music: Eureka Birds / Disasteradio

Here's a couple of awesome new bands i've discovered lately. Check them out, let me know what you think.

Eureka Birds

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Eureka Birds are a group of six like minded individuals who combine to create a rather splendid blend of piano infused melodic Rock. Their tunes are really chilled out and certainly help you unwind if you so need to. Not only are the vocals heartfelt and full of emotion, but it's also the music behind the lyrics that seems to tell its own story, with the composition seemingly set up in the vein of an orchestra. I fully recommend you check out their debut self-titled album.


Coming from New Zealand, Disasteradio is one of the freshest artists i've come across this year. Consisting of just one man, Luke Rowell, Disasteradio is a warped combination of 80's synth pop mixed up with the latest electro sounds of today. The tunes are quirky and aren't too serious, sometimes you need to listen to music like that to appreciate other forms of music. You can download tracks from the latest album "Visions" over here, and also check out the wicked video Luke made for the song "Awesome Feelings" here.


  1. Disasteradio sounded awesome. His video for the mentioned track is really fun, too. Nice and VHS-friendly.


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