Single Review : Laetoli Steps

Earlier this year we featured the track "Rose" in the April edition of the Music Liberation podcast. Well the band who produced that rather brilliant track are now back with a new single.

Laetoli Steps are a London based band whose members actually come from as far afield as America, Holland, and South Africa. The band is fronted and formed by Rich, who was previously in My Rocket 88, and Garlic. The band have kindly sent us their new single "Bully Bully Bully" for review .

The track begins dramatically, with a scuzzy guitar whirling away over the top of some frenetic drums. It builds until the awesome Cellist, Mia Pixley, is let loose all over the track. From this point onwards her Cello drives the song. I think it's actually the first time i've really appreciated the sound of this instrument, it's really wicked!

Another standout quality from this track is how well it's been produced by Michael Hyland. For a band who contain some excellent musicians it's vital that all elements are heard and Hyland has done an excellent job. The vocals from Rich sound dark and mysterious, and fit perfectly around the rest of the song.

Laetoli Steps are an emerging new band who deserve as much exposure as possible to showcase their clear talents. The band are currently arranging a mini UK tour so i suggest you check their myspace for more information about that and their future releases.