New Video : Akala - XXL

UK based Hip Hop MC Akala returns in 2010 with his third album "Doublethink" through Illastate Records. The first cut from that record will be "XXL", which is released April 19th. Previous albums "It's Not A Rumour" and "Freedom Lasso" showcased Akala's talent with words, both from a writing perspective and from his performance, with his integrity and honesty really shining through on both counts. "XXL" has an awesome Prodigy like beat, over which Akala spits his vocals, which although being relatively simple are still "funky as hell" as the man himself puts it. This single should certainly propel Akala towards the mainstream market, particularly with the success the likes of Dizzee and Wiley have acheived in recent times. /// Official Akala website /// Illastate Records