Single Review : The Sweet Serenades - Die Young

The flaw to any music review is that essentially the reviewer is trying to encapsulate the sensation of a song by tearing it apart and crudely putting it back together again like a car engine or something otherwise tangible. It’s ham-fisted to say the least. The thing is everyone realises that most music, and all truly great music isn’t just about a guitar twang or a drum beat, it’s about an almost magical connection between the listener and the song that can’t be pinpointed, that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, that extracts an emotion out of you almost at will. And this single by The Sweet Serenades is a serious contender for such accolades.

Suffice to say this is a painful love story that is lyrically simple but the hurt and confusion involved in the story is conveyed with near perfection by a melody so emotive it should carry a health warning. ‘Die Young’ may start with a riff that promises little but it bleeds into a beating heart of a bass line where atmospheric guitar and vocal sighs create a stirring ambience that is beautifully segmented by an upbeat but bitter-sweet chorus. Part Stellastarr*, part The Cardigans, part unique genius, this poignant song may masquerade itself as simply great Scandinavian pop, but don’t be fooled, ‘Die Young’ is more than this, it's a serious heavy hitter and a total giant of a song.

"Die Young" is taken from The Sweet Serenades debut album "Balcony Cigarettes".