New Music : The Beige

You know that saying, "mighty oaks from little acorns grow"? Well if the demo track 'Mother' by Watford based The Beige is their little acorn, their mighty oak may well be the bands forthcoming debut EP 'Pop Laziness'.

'Mother' is simple enough, plains drums, floaty guitar, but its the vocals from front man James Weatherilt which really hints at greater things to come for this band. His crooning is infectious, with his mellow tones suitably driving the track along. There is a feeling that a clear appreciation of space has been given with this track, adding much needed depth and curiosity, with it not being beyond the realms to suggest that someone like Jeff Buckley has a great influence here.

Whether The Beige end up being one of those bands that hints at something special from early demos but ends up disappointing is unclear at this early stage. However if they do get it together you'll be glad you kept an eye on them! // The Beige

The Beige - Mother by Music Liberation