Single Review : WATERS - O Holy Break Of Day

You may or may not already know WATERS, the new project from former Port O'Brien front man Van Pierszalowski, but after listening to new track 'O Holy Break Of Day', you'll surely not forget them in a hurry. Having already wooed the blogging masses with 'For The One', this new track sets up the eagerly awaited LP 'Out In The Light', which was recorded in a ten day period out in Dallas, Texas, and is released through City Slang next month.

'O Holy Break Of Day' manages to capture that moment you sometimes get when listening to music, you know that moment when everything just seems to stop, when life moves in slow motion and a moment of 3 minutes 57 seconds things just seem for want of a better word, better. Van utilizes his vocal range to guide you along the way, as punch drunk drums collide with fuzzy worn out guitars in a full on retro grunge affair.

Make sure you catch WATERS playing alongside Music Liberation favourite EMA at Cargo on September 14th, as well as headlining the day before at The Old Blue Last on September 13th.

// WATERS || City Slang \\

WATERS - O Holy Break Of Day by cityslang