Birdman Culture - Rolling Thunder
Heyrocco - Elsewhere
Oozing Wound - Hippie Speedball
Paris Jones - You Like Me (Handbook remix)


Gallows - Chains (Jon Sidwell)
God Damn - Horus (Jon Sidwell) 
Hartheim - Yellow (Jon Sidwell)
L├ąpsley - Station (Jon Sidwell)
Pearls Negras - Pensado Em Voce (Jon Sidwell)
Sophie Jamieson - Stain (Jon Sidwell)
Sophie Jamieson - Take (Jon Sidwell)



Crushing Blows - Hiding Place (Jon Sidwell)
Dead Wolf Club - Radar (Moker)
Laura Welsh - Call To Arms / Hollow Drum (Jon Sidwell)
Shambles Miller - Confession (Jon Sidwell)


A Lull - Weapons For War (Sarah Rayner)
STS - Hello Sunshine (Jon Sidwell)
Team Me - Dear Sister (Chris Meredith)
WATERS - O Holy Break Of Day (Jon Sidwell)


Ali Love - Love Harder (Clive Rozario)
The Attika State - Celebration? (Clive Rozario)
Chapel Club - O Maybe I (Jon Sidwell)
The Choke - Tuff Kids (Moker)
Clock Opera - A Piece Of String (Clive Rozario)
Crocodiles - Sleep Forever (Jon Sidwell)
Crystal Castles - Baptism (Jon Sidwell)
Day Of Fire - Lately (Moker)
Django Django - WOR (Jon Sidwell)
The Dogs - Animal (Moker)
Fenech-Soler - Stop And Stare (Clive Rozario)
Little Death - Just Say Maybe (Moker)
Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix) (Clive Rozario)
MOPP - Dream About You (Clive Rozario)
No Age - Glitter (Clive Rozario)
Not Squares - Asylum (Jon Sidwell)
Oakred - Born Centuries Too Late (Moker)
Operator Please - Logic (Clive Rozario)
Spring Offensive - The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters (Jon Sidwell)
The Suzukis - Built In (Moker)
The Sweet Serenades - Die Young (Moker)
Talons Vs Noumenon (Jon Sidwell)
Teenagersintokyo - Peter Pan (Jon Sidwell)
Violens - Acid Rain (Moker)
Young Buffalo - Three Deep (Clive Rozario)


Break Of Reality - Spectrum Of The Sky (Moker)
Dead Kids - German Heart (Jon Sidwell)
Deathray Trebuchay - Number Six (Jon Sidwell)
Dreaming In Stereo - Steal This Song (Moker)
Girls - Solitude (Moker)
Gospel Gossip - Sippy Cup (Moker)
Great Northern - Houses (Moker)
The High Wire - Leave Me In Love (Moker)
Speech Debelle - Searching (Moker)
Turbowolf - Ancient Snakes (Moker)
The Units - High Pressure Days (Rory Phillips Remix) (Moker)


Laetoli Steps - Bully Bully Bully (Jon Sidwell)


David Ford - Go To Hell (Jon Sidwell)
Heroes Of Switzerland - Wish It Away (Jon Sidwell)
Lions At Your Door - LAYD (Jon Sidwell)